Teen Mom Family Reunion's Ashley Jones confirms she & Bar Smith secretly got MARRIED but admits relationship is 'rocky'

TEEN Mom Family Reunion star Ashley Jones confessed to marrying longtime beau Bar Smith, but confessed the relationship is 'rocky'.

The pair sparked marriage speculation in December, several months after they called off their engagement.

Co-stars were quick to notice a ring on Ashley's wedding ring finger after the ladies arrived on the set.

Cheyenne Floyd sat down with her to get to the bottom of things, asking: "Let me look at your hand.

Ashley responds: "It's what the f**k ever," which seemed to confuse Cheyenne who asked, "You guys came together. Are you not together?"

Ashley reveals: "We're married," which further shocked Cheyenne.

She went on to explain: "We're married but not together," adding that she "decided this."

"I have a lot of anger built up with Bar. I speak one language, he speaks another and we don't hear each other," Ashley said on the show, which flashed to an old Teen Mom episode featuring a blowup between them.

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Although Ashley claimed to be broken up with her husband, she said in a confessional that she's hopeful they can "get some tools to be able to speak to each other in the same language."

She recounted some of Bar's struggles, telling Cheyenne: "He had an ankle monitor and that put him on the straight and narrow. He was on that for, like, a year and some change.

"During that time, I saw so many positive things that's when we got married. Now that it's off, it's just complacent."

Cheyenne advised: "I feel like you guys have been through so much together because you started so young and I don't want you to use that as, like, a crutch or reason to say.

"This is nothing against him."

Ashley went on to explain what she would need from Bar, the father of her only daughter, before she would get back together with him.

She said: "In order for me to put the ring back on, I need to see him do a few things.

"I need to see him go to school or get a trade.

"If you wanna hunt f**king chickens, hunt chickens but do it good and be serious about the things."

She then told Cheyenne: "I want more. Either you're gonna give me more or we're gonna be headed towards the D-word," meaning divorce.


Ashley's revelations explain Bar's dedication to starting anew.

Bar has been working to remove the tattoos on his face as part of his image refresh.

In November, he shared a progress update on TikTok.

Bar responded to a fan who asked for a progress report on the process.

He replied: "It's a long process but they are fading. Just used these because they are the most recent things in my gallery."

Bar has kept fans up-to-date on his tattoo removal journey.

He has been working hard to take on a new persona following a string of arrests and an addiction to alcohol.

A major motivator for Bar, at least as far as his tattoo removal is concerned, is his desire to be a vet tech.

The MTV star shared with fans that he had begun schooling to start a new career and learned after the fact that facial tattoos were prohibited.

In October, her revealed that his college did not allow "visible" ink, and he was reprimanded over it on his first day of school.

He shared a post to Instagram saying: "So tell me why I'm leaving now to go to my first day of school and I'm asked like 'are you gonna do something about your tattoos?'"

Quoting one of his teachers, he said: "You know that's dress code,' since when? she said 'it's in the student handbook.' I'm like bro what? no visible tattoos?"

Fortunately he had already begun the removal process.


Rumors have been swirling about Ashley and Bar's relationship for some time.

In December, fans speculated the pair had secretly wed after Ashley accidentally referred to her beau as her "HUSBAND."

Addressing foe Jenelle Evans after the fired Teen Mom star said producers ghosted her during talks to be on the spinoff series, Ashley wrote: "Someone tell Jenelle that yes my HUSBAND was invited …. Because people actually wanted him there ….. Sorry sis."

Her post was shared to Reddit, where users questioned: "Is Ashley married though?"

Another fan commented: "When did Ashley and Bar get married??" while a third replied, "There was this episode where he proposed to her but I wasn't aware they had already married."

Ashley and Bar got engaged in November 2020.

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