'Survivor' Season 42: The Top 5, Ranked From Least Likely to Most Likely to Win

The Survivor Season 42 finale is just around the corner. And while fans look forward to discovering who the jury crowns the Sole Survivor, we took a look back on each of the final five’s individual games to determine who has the best chances of winning it all in Fiji. Given the entertaining gameplay and dynamic moves, it’s a close race this year.

5. Romeo Escobar is the least likely to win ‘Survivor’ Season 42

Unfortunately, Romeo has the worst chances of winning Survivor Season 42. He is the only surviving member of the Ika tribe. And while three of his original tribemates are on the jury, we don’t think that will do him any favors.

Romeo has been pushed to the background throughout the season. So if he is the winner, then the Survivor producers needed to do a better job of editing his game because we can’t think of a scenario where he comes out on top. Romeo hasn’t made many big moves, his social game isn’t the best, and it seems like he will just be a person the other castaways will take to the finale because they know they can win against him.

Romeo’s biggest move came during the penultimate episode of Survivor Season 42 when he voted with Maryanne to get Omar out. However, Maryanne was the mastermind behind the blindside, and she should and likely will get all of the credit for it.

4. Mike Turner

Unlike Romeo, Mike has made many friends throughout his time on Survivor Season 42. However, he’s also stabbed many of his alliances in the back.

Mike constantly flip-flopped from person to person in the first 23 days of the game. He was easily persuaded by his tribemates to betray his alliance members, who are now all sitting on the jury. Mike’s gullible nature while on the island will likely come back to bite him in the butt.

Overall, the term “bitter jury” comes to mind when thinking of Mike’s game. So it’ll be tough for him to persuade people to vote for him if he’s sitting in the final three during the Survivor Season 42 finale.

3. Jonathan Young

If Jonathan wins the final two Immunity Challenges, then there’s a good chance that the jury crowns him the Sole Survivor of season 42. However, one person is standing in his way — Lindsay.

During the last few challenges, Lindsay has given Jonathan a run for his money. And if she wins the final five Immunity Challenge, it would be smart of her, Maryanne, and Romeo to vote out Jonathan. Of course, Mike is heavily aligned with Jonathan, but he could be persuaded to take out his friend.

But if Jonathan is successful in the last two challenges and is sitting in the final three in Survivor Season 42, the jury may reward him for his physical game. The only problem is that he has to survive long enough to make it to the Final Tribal Council.

2. Lindsay Dolashewich

Lindsay has had the best of both worlds in Survivor Season 42 — she has proven to be a challenge beast and has played a great social game. Now, she just has to hope that her fellow tribemates don’t recognize that if she loses one of the final two challenges.

Like Jonathan, if she loses before the final three, there’s a good chance that the other castaways will vote Lindsay out. Lindsay is someone who seems to be very likable to the jury. And she has a strong case for why she should be the Sole Survivor.

If Lindsay makes it to the end of Survivor Season 42, the jury will likely crown her as the winner. Unfortunately, she’s playing with intelligent people who probably don’t want to take her to the final three.

1. Maryanne Oketch is the most likely to win ‘Survivor’ Season 42

After Survivor Season 42 Episode 12, it’s clear that Maryanne has the best chances of winning it all.

When Mike and Jonathan decided to play it safe and vote out Romeo, she took her fate into her own hands and used her extra vote to send Omar to the jury. And given Omar’s reaction, he respected the move, meaning that Maryanne didn’t even get blood on her hands from the blindside she orchestrated.

Thanks to her loud personality, Maryanne has never been delegated to the background. But she’s only been very strategic with her social game, who she aligns with, and the moves she chooses to make. If Maryanne plays her cards right, she has a strong case for why she should win the game. And given that there are two challenge beasts left in the game that could act as shields, Maryanne will likely be sitting in one of the final three chairs.

The Survivor Season 42 finale airs tonight, May 25, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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