Strictly’s Robert Webb turns down Strictly final return due to health battle

Strictly Come Dancing star Robert Webb has confirmed that he will not be taking part in the final of the BBC dance competition this weekend.

The 49-year-old was forced to leave the competition only three weeks into the show due to health concerns.

But as the series final looms closer, many viewers had hoped they’d get to see the stand-up comic make a comeback for the last show.

Sadly, the star left fans disappointed after he confirmed that he wouldn’t be taking part in the Saturday night group number which is set to see many of the former contestants back on the dance floor for an epic dance number.

The Peep Show star was forced to leave the competition early after he admitted to “biting off way more than he could chew” just two years after he had major open heart surgery.

He opened up after he struggled to cope with the gruelling training regime which saw many celebs rehearse for between eight and ten hours a day.

After the third week in the competition, doctors urged the star to step back due to his deteriorating health on the show.

As much as fans looked forward to seeing him take to the stage with his fiery red-haired professional dance partner Dianne Buswell, Robert took to Instagram on Tuesday evening to explain his absence from the show and dispel any rumours.

He wrote: “I seem to have switched from public to private mode and one of the effects of this is people will inevitable find their ways to interpret my ‘silence’.

“It isn’t really silence, of course. It's just doing other stuff. But I thought I ought to pipe up because I won't be in the group dance of the Strictly final this Sat.

The comic gushed over the continued support of his dance partner as well as the show as he branded it the “forever summer” after he “loved” his experience on Strictly.

He went on: “I didn’t want my absence (of my ‘silence’ about it) to be taken as evidence of any kind of bad feeling towards the show.

“The producers understood that when I had to stop, I had to stop completely. Dianne & Joe came for lunch a few weeks ago and m’partner gets it.

“If I gave out a few more details about what the show had been doing to me physically & mentally, you wouldn’t be surprised that the offer of one more dance was politely declined.

Robert joked that the outcome of the show would be the same whether he stayed in the competition or not when it came to the final show.

He concluded: “More generally, I’m sorry that my departure buggered up the format so there are only 3 couples in the final (a lot of angry Rhys fans out there – guys, you do know that if I'd tried to do week 4 but had then dropped dead during the show, it would *still* be a three-couple final, yeah?)

“Anyway, the headlines are: sorry about everything, I'm not doing the thing, I'm fine now btw, and do enjoy the final which will obviously be brilliant because they’re all brilliant. See ya!”

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