Strictly’s Hamza Yassin sparks injury concerns as expert spots clue

Strictly: Hamza Yassin on being 'up close' for Argentine Tango

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Hamza Yassin is currently the bookmakers’ favourite to win Strictly Come Dancing and up until now, he has been showered with praise from the judges. However, last week, the cameraman received some criticism from the panel about his performance with Jowita Przystał. According to dance professor, Dr Jill Rose Jacobs, Hamza is still a contender to win the competition, although, she went on to point out he is dealing with “physical exhaustion”.

Speaking exclusively to, the expert shared her concerns for Hamza.

On behalf of Heart Bingo, Dr Jill said: “Despite ending up near the top of the leaderboard, Hamza’s performance did receive some constructive feedback.

“At this point in the competition, Hamza still remains a contender however his past two performances have not been his best and this may have been subconsciously factored into the scoring.

“It is now imperative for Hamza to stop hiding if he is to regain control of the competition.”

“Hamza, like the other celebrities, is dealing with physical exhaustion,” the expert continued before sharing her injury fears.

“In Hamza’s pre-performance video, we saw supports on both of Hamza’s knees.

“Following his performance and while the judges were giving their critique, Hamza stood in a turned-out foot position from ballet.

“This action stated that Hamza is working on retraining his habit of ‘hen-toeing’.

“I suspect this is the source affecting Hamza’s knee. He might be telling himself, ‘I need to push through’.”

“I would advise Hamza to stop working so hard and pushing himself too hard,” Dr Jill warned,

“Try to look for the joy in what he’s doing — dancing. Hamza has come to rely on his stability and strength.

“In some ways, Hamza has become comfortable spotlighting his professional partner instead of showcasing his own dance ability and technique. “

“Hamza needs to dance letting go of idealized perfection,” she added.

“It is now imperative for Hamza to stop hiding if he is to regain control of the competition.”

Tonight, the remaining celebrities will take to the dancefloor for a Musicals Week special.

However, on Saturday, one more couple will be given the boot from the competition.

Last weekend, Ellie Taylor and Fleur East landed in the bottom two and had to face the dance-off.

Although, all four judges decided to save Fleur, meaning the comedian went home.

Dr Jill believes the right person went home but said the X Factor star didn’t deserve to be in the dance-off.

Strictly Come Dancing airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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