Stacey Solomon supports BFF Mrs Hinch as she hits out at trolls that 'pull her apart' for how she looks and speaks

STACEY Solomon supported her BBF Mrs Hinch as sh hits out at trolls that "pull her apart" for how she looks and speaks.

The cleanfluencer – who has more than 3.7million followers on Instagram – disclosed her blood condition to her fans after being "pulled apart" by a troll who called her a "stuck up b****" for wearing a dress to the beach.

Now Stacey has stuck up for her best mate – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – with a sweet post on her Instagram Story.

The Loose Women panellist wrote: "Love you always @mrshinchhome You Do You Always and forever… because You are enough.

"Always have been, ALWAYS will be"

Mrs Hinch confessed in her post that the reason she wore a long dress was to hide the bruises on her legs, which appeared as a result of her blood condition.

The 30-year-old suffers from an inherited condition called Protein S deficiency and Factor V Leiden.

She explained: "In all honesty I wore this long dress because I wanted to hide my legs. My blood condition is not good right now so I am covered in bruises that I cannot control.

"But why did I bother? As you'll now know about my bruises too!

"So thank you, because of you I will wear my denim shorts next tome and wear them proud!

"Because no matter what I do, I will NEVER please people like you!"

In a second post, the mum-of-one opened up about the nasty messages she receives  frequently online, urging her followers be be kind to themselves.

"Pleasing everyone is like chasing a moving target. By trying to do this, we end up pleasing no one, ourselves included.

"You cannot control what others think about you, but you can choose how you talk to yourself."

Mrs Hinch also admitted she tries to empathise with her trolls, because she believed they must be 'unhappy in their own lives' to 'pull her apart' online.

Stacey and Mrs Hinch are best friends and during the lockdown, they called each other "every night".

Sophie has a son called Ronnie, while Stacey has one-year-old Rex – and the pair bonded over playdates with their boys.

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