Stacey Solomon feels 'hungover' after rowdy karaoke night with the Loose Women

STACEY Solomon has revealed she's "hungover" after her rowdy karaoke night with the Loose Women ladies.

The 30-year-old celebrated fellow X Factor alum Brenda Edwards joining the panel of the ITV programme on Friday night.

Sharing a video with her baby Rex, the candid star told fans on Instagram on Saturday morning: "Good morning.

"I feel hungover and I haven't touched a drip of alcohol, my face is breaking out so badly."

She added: "I feel rough."

Stacey let loose after hitting back at mum-shamers on Friday who told her she was giving five-month-old baby Rex solid food too early.

Stacey said she wanted to "clear up some of the myths" about weaning – even drafting in a nutrition expert.

Speaking on Instagram, she revealed they were preparing to give Rex, her only child with Joe Swash, a pot of mashed broccoli.

Stacey said: "Last time I spoke about weaning, lots of people were concerned about him not being exactly six months yet and I just thought I'd clear up some of the myths."

Nutrition expert Charlotte Stirling-Reed added: "The recommendation is around six months of age and that's absolutely fine – Rex is around six months. It's all about looking out for the signs he is ready."

Loose Women panellist Stacey asked: "And you think he's ready?"

The expert replied: "Definitely. He can sit up for a little bit, hold up his head and neck steady.

"He can reach out and get food all by himself. We are good to go."

Stacey posted a picture of Rex looking by turns disgusted and delighted by the mashed-up broccoli meal.

She wrote: "He absolutely loved playing with the food and his spoon, I’m not sure what he thought about the eating part.

"His face when he ate it was the funniest thing ever. I cant wait to introduce loads of different foods and have him at the dinner table with us.

"Well done Rexy we love you to the moon and back."

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