Spoilers: Emmerdale's Tracy confides in Charity after pregnancy discovery

Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) gets quite the shock in Emmerdale, as she discovers she’s pregnant.

The discovery comes about as a result on an accident on the farm, which leaves her with an injured wrist. Boyfriend Nate (Jurell Carter) swoops into action and the pair of them go to the hospital.

Ahead of the X-Ray, a urine sample is taken, and before long, Tracy discovers that she’s pregnant.

Speaking about her character’s reaction, actress Amy Walsh told Metro.co.uk: ‘[It’s one of] Total shock. She thinks she’s been careful, she’s on the pill so it does come as a massive surprise and in general it’s quite shocking news to hear, they’ve not been together that long, it wasn’t planned, so they’re both a bit in shock for the first few minutes, hours, days.

‘I feel like her initial thought is oh god, more drama. The main important thing at the moment is Vanessa and just getting her better and things.

‘Initially, I feel like she doesn’t want to put it on anyone else, and then she realises that it’s keeping her awake at night, she knows there is a decision to make, does she keep it or not.

‘She does need to confide in someone, but she’s only got Vanessa, family wise now, blood relative. Obviously, Charity’s there as well and they’ve got a very interesting relationship which you see play out.’

A recent episode saw Tracy support Charity in regards to Vanessa’s (Michelle Hardwick) departure, and she reminded her future sister-in-law that she’ll be there for her no matter what.

It appears as if Charity will reciprocate that support in upcoming scenes, as Tracy struggles on her own with her news.

Amy told us: ‘At first, Charity appears to be the worst person for Tracy to confide in, as you can imagine she’s very caught up in her own head, dealing with her own stuff, Vanessa being away etc and then when Tracy gets a bit peeved off that she’s not been there for her, she ups her game and actually she does help Tracy makes those decisions.

‘She does use her own experiences not to catastrophise it and actually just follow your heart.

‘She says to Tracy: “I never planned any of my kids and I know I’ve not been the best parent but I have come out alright in the end” type thing, and I think that makes Tracy think.’

The pregnancy news will no doubt leave Tracy and Nate confused about their future, as their relationship has only just begun, and therefore they haven’t discussed long-term plans.

Speaking about this, Amy said: ‘Tracy and Nate got kind of a good foundation but they’ve never discussed the future.


‘Neither of them really know how each other feels about each other, they’ve never properly told each other that they love each other or any of that so it is very soon to be going into parenthood together.

‘I think they’re both very clued up with that knowledge that they know it’s a bit ridiculous that this is where they’re at in this stage of the relationship.’

But what will the future hold?

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