Spoilers: Bethany's heartbreak as her Corrie exit is revealed

It’s no secret that Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) is set to leave Coronation Street, with the popular actress having recently filmed her final, emotional scenes with the Platts. But she is about to face a dilemma – as she has to choose between a career and staying with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

While Bethany has fallen head over heels for Daniel, it’s clear that he is still grieving for lost wife Sinead and his head remains all over the place. But will Bethany come to this realisation as she is offered a placement in London?

As Sarah (Tina O’Brien) offers Bethany a role at the factory, Bethany seeks Daniel’s permission but Beth Tinker (Lisa George) is disgusted and accuses Bethany of trying to take over Sinead’s life.

With this awkward situation in the air, Bethany struggles to work alongside Beth who is disappointed to give her a hard time. And there’s further dismay when she receives a letter of rejection from the college meaning that her future at Underworld may be long term.

However, later, the admissions office rings up and offers her an internship at the magazine instead and while Sarah is thrilled for her daughter, Bethany has doubts as it is London based and she doesn’t want to leave Daniel behind.

Sarah tells her that she can’t let her mixed feelings for Daniel stop her pursuing a career she could really make something of. Later, Bethany breaks the news to Daniel that she didn’t get the college place, he shares his sympathy but admits that is glad she is sticking around. Wondering whether to even tell him about the London job offer, Bethany is more than a bit torn.

She keeps it from Daniel but Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) later tells him that she has turned down a job in London to be with him. He is concerned and, listening to his heart, he makes a decision.

But the prospect of Daniel and Bertie moving away with Bethany leads to Beth exploding and she is totally against the idea. Does Daniel have true feelings for Bethany and genuinely want to make a fresh start?

Or will Bethany decide to go it alone?

One to watch: Wednesday 26 January at 8:30pm on ITV.

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