Sonia's change of heart over Reiss leaves him stunned in EastEnders

Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) was left completely thrilled in recent EastEnders scenes when Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) had a change of heart over the status of their relationship.

Sonia called things quits with Reiss after her birthday took a serious downturn when she learnt that he was a married man.

After being thrown out of the house, Reiss begged for the opportunity to fully explain himself, and was eventually given the chance.

He revealed to Sonia that his wife, Debbie, had suffered a serious bleed on the brain as a result of a stroke, and now needed full time care.

While Sonia was able too understand his situation, it did nothing to change her mind about breaking up with him, leaving Reiss devastated.

However, with the dust settled, Sonia had the opportunity to think about things, and soon sat down for a chat with dying Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), who was able to put things into perspective for her.

Having been told by several people that she was well rid of him, Sonia pointed out that they’d have a few choice words if she took him back.

However, Lola argued that she should do what she wants and not care what others think, before asking her if she loves him.

With Lola’s words playing on her mind, Sonia asked to meet with Reiss to put things right.

After getting Reiss to confirm that he truly meant it when he’d told her he loved her, Sonia admitted that she loved him to.

She made it clear that she was still upset that he had lied to her, but confessed that she wasn’t ready to throw away what they had.

She also revealed that she was willing to support him with Debbie, but made him promise that they would have no more secrets.

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