Sinking country house with guide price of £1 sparks bidding war

Huge cracks can be seen in the walls, and the garden wall has moved from six feet away to just six inches away from the house. Not an ideal living situation.

The home’s new owners are investors who do not wish to be named, so again, it seems like they’ll tear the place down.

If planning permission is granted, the land could be used to build new properties.

According to property experts, if the house weren’t sinking it would be worth around £170,000.

Mortgage advistor Kelly Williams, of Cheshire & Co estate agents, said: ‘In all my property experience I have never come across a property being priced at a guide price so low.

‘It was incredible.

‘The house is sinking. It’s moving forward, cracking in half with the front of the home falling forward.

‘The movement has been happening for the past eight years but within the last two years there has been a significant increase in movement.

‘Up to four inch cracks have appeared and ceilings are bulging. It’s quite scary to go in there. It’s a teardown property.

‘At that super low guide price we were looking to spark interest prior to the auction.’

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