Sick of Dancing, Ellen DeGeneres Mulling Over Ending Her Talk Show

Oh no, Ellen DeGeneres is considering to end her fan-favorite daytime talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show“! The 32-time Emmy-winning host opens up in a new interview that she gets tired of people asking to dance for selfies, prompting her to mulling over the show once her contract ends in 2020.

“There’s been times someone wants a picture, and while I’m doing a selfie, they’re like, ‘You’re not dancing!’ ” she reveals to New York Times. “Of course, I’m not dancing. I’m walking down the street.”

The 60-year-old reigning queen of daytime TV goes on talking about her first comedy special in 15 years “Relatable” as well as explains why she’s anxious to try new things after a while. She shares that the Netflixs show is where she wants to “show all of me” to fans who’ve become accustomed to her daytime personality.

While Ellen admits that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is her, she adds that she’s “also playing a character of a talk show host. There’s a tiny, tiny bit of difference.”

Many may think that the decision has something to do with the persistent rumors of her being not kind to co-workers on the set of the morning show, but that’s apparently not the case. “That bugs me if someone is saying that because it’s an outright lie,” she said of the rumors.

“The first day I said, ‘The one thing I want is everyone here to be happy and proud of where they work, and if not, don’t work here.’ No one is going to raise their voice or not be grateful. That’s the rule to this day,” she continues.

Ellen, though, doesn’t let herself make a decision before getting her loved ones weigh in on the matter. Ellen reveals that her wife Portia de Rossi “gets mad when my brother [fellow comic Vance DeGeneres] tells me I can’t stop.’ ”

While saying that Ellen can be “a bit more complicated than she appears on the show,” Portia dubs the host “a brilliant actress and standup.” She continued, “It doesn’t have to be this talk show for her creativity. There are other things she could tackle. I don’t see the end of her show as her career ending.”

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