Shocking double Emmerdale exit for two major characters

One single punch is all it took. One punch to destroy a man’s life, to rip apart a family, to turn Emmerdale’s Dan (Liam Fox) into a possible killer. One punch. And now he’s watching his life crumble before his eyes.

His fear above all else is leaving Amelia (Daisy Campbell) and Esther without his fatherly support, and that doesn’t bear thinking about for him.

Amelia is also beyond desperate not to lose her dad. She can’t envisage hers and Esther’s life without him as their main support. Her mind is so transfixed on the idea that she can’t lose him that she comes up with a potentially catastrophic idea – to take their futures into their own hands and go on the run.

This would mean running for life – there would be no turning back. But she’s deadly serious.

She puts the idea to Dan who is shocked and initially tries to change her mind, she wants them to flee to Ireland.

Dan is against the idea until he witnesses Amelia get herself so wound up that she almost hurts Esther and he saves them both, helping him see how important he is. His mind is made up – they’re going, and he knows just the person who can help.

Cain agrees to assist them, and Dan goes back to Amelia to confirm they are about to leg it, but she is sworn to secrecy and even Noah (Jack Downham) can’t know. Amelia is terrified but feels it’s the right thing to do.

Later, Cain comes through for the desperate pair and presents them with ferry tickets, a car, and a burner phone. Suddenly they realise how serious this is. It’s the end of life as they know it and they set off ready to risk adding to the charges Dan is facing. Have they made the right decision?

Actor Liam Fox revealed to that Dan knows deep down it’s the wrong move. So could he turn himself in?

Liam said: ‘He knows deep down it’s not a real answer. You’re going to get caught eventually. It’s not going to be forever. It’s a fantasy world, really, and he realises that. He’s just going to have to face up to the truth.’

He added that while it’s likely the pair might disappear off into the moonlight, whatever happens next, Dan is a changed man.

Asked if this is the last we’ll see of them, he said: ‘Who knows? Maybe for a bit, maybe not at all. I don’t know. There’s going to be some changes, without a shadow of a doubt, but we’ll have to wait and see won’t we?’

Amelia actress Daisy Campbell hinted that this could be a way for Laura Norton’s character Kerry to return.

She told ‘They’ve been so close for years even though Dan and Kerry aren’t together anymore and she didn’t really see much of her.

‘It would be lovely to have Kerry back to support Amelia because she’s like a second mum and I think Amelia would feel a lot more comforted if she was there. That would be nice.’

What’s next for this desperate pair?

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