Shia LaBeouf: Partner Mia Goth ‘Saved My F*cking Life,’ Vows to Make ‘Amends’ for Many Years to Come

Shia LaBeouf is crediting partner Mia Goth for bringing light back into his life.

During an interview on the “Real Ones with Jon Bernthal” podcast, LaBeouf praised “Pearl” actress Goth for reaching out when he was in rehab after two years of not speaking. The duo reconciled in 2021 and welcomed daughter Isabel earlier this year.

“She saved my fucking life,” LaBeouf said of Goth, admitting she “took hits” from the media for getting back with him amid abuse allegations and upcoming lawsuit from “Honey Boy” co-star, ex FKA Twigs. Goth appeared for LaBeouf’s family week program at his rehabilitation center two months after he entered treatment.

Despite LaBeouf having “nothing to offer her,” Goth was “present for me at a time when I didn’t deserve to have nobody in my life, especially her,” the “Padre Pio” actor said. “She gave me hope when I was really running on fumes.”

LaBeouf and Goth previously starred in “Nymphomaniac” together in 2012 and had a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas in 2016. Goth filed for divorce from LaBeouf in 2018.

“There’s a lot I need to work on,” LaBeouf admitted. “Having a daughter and knowing that your daughter is one day going to search your name in a search engine and see that you are a deplorable, disgusting piece of shit, that shit hits. I have now until she’s literate to create a relationship with her where she knows me more than this idea of who I am in the public.”

LaBeouf added that he plans to make “amends” for the rest of his life for being a “pleasure-seeking, selfish, self-centered, dishonest, inconsiderate, fearful human being” over the years.

The star of the upcoming “Megalopolis” explained that he prays for guidance on how to “navigate set relations” and work differently than he has in the past.

“My way of working was animalistic, it was totally instinct-driven, magic cultivating,” LaBeouf said.

The actor parted ways with Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” over set disputes and was replaced by Harry Styles. Wilde addressed LaBeouf leaving production, to which LaBeouf denied that he was “fired.” During the “Real Ones” podcast, LaBeouf spoke out on the FKA Twigs abuse allegations, admitting that he “hurt that woman” and also “hurt many other people, and many other people before that woman.”

“When I think about what my life has become, and what it is now, like what my purpose is now… I need to be useful,” LaBeouf said. “And when I look at this #MeToo environment, there’s not a whole lot of dudes that are taking accountability.”

LaBeouf summed up, “I know I got work to do and I know that it’s going to be OK in the end and if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”

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