‘She could see something I couldn’t’ Jane McDonald pays tribute to late mother

Jane McDonald says she's glad she had piano lessons as a kid

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On the final episode of Jane McDonald’s Channel 5 show My Yorkshire, she began her trip around Hawes and the market of Upper Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Whilst travelling around, Jane made her way to the only place in the UK that makes pianos and decided to take a tour. She explained that piano playing was a big part of her life and touched on how she and her mother’s relationship became stronger through her passion for pianos and music.

Speaking about her mother’s passion for Jane’s music career and touching on the first time she played, Jane revealed it came naturally to her.

“I was first excited to see a piano when I was very little. Me, mum and nan were viewing a house, and I found a lonely old piano in one of the rooms.

“Without thinking, I started picking out a tune I had heard earlier in the day. Nan looked at mum and said, ‘We best start saving for a piano love’.

“I am going, to be honest, my first piano teacher said that I didn’t have a musical note in my body, but my mother disagreed with her.

“Thank goodness she did because she then sent me to a blind piano teacher called Francis Walker, and I passed quite a few exams with Francis.

“I am very grateful to that man, and I am very grateful to my mother for believing in me because she could see something that I couldn’t,” she explained.

Jane began playing the piano she saw in the shop and revealed that her first piano was thrown out, covered in ring marks from pint glasses.

She explained her dad rescued it and she treasured it for as long as it was able to play.

Jane’s mother died in December 2018, which she revealed to the world on her Twitter account.

“I know this time of year is difficult for so many people due to losing loved ones, this year, I join you.

“I have very recently lost my beautiful Mum. A light in my heart has gone out for a short while. My family and I would appreciate your privacy regarding this huge loss,” she penned.

A flurry of Jane’s friends replied to the news and gave her their condolences, with former Loose Woman Andrea McClean writing: “I’m so sorry to hear this Jane. Sending you all my love xx.”

John Partridge simply commented: “Sending love…. so much love X”

Rustie Lee added: “Dear Jane, so very sorry to hear of your loss Heaven must have needed another angel.

“I send my love to you and your family. I will send my prayers for you all, love, Rustie xx” (sic)

In a past interview with Entertainment Daily, Jane revealed she lived with her mother until she was 45.

“I wasn’t an only child. I still have a brother and sister, but I was the one who stayed at home until she was 45.

“I was out working all the time, and I was able to pay for the bills, and I had my mother at home looking after me.

“My brother and sister got married, and they have been in great relationships all of their lives.

“For me, it just didn’t happen that way. I’m just slightly different to the two of them, which is not a bad thing,” she explained.

Jane McDonald: My Yorkshire is available to watch on My5.

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