Seeking Sister Wife star Marcus Epps arrested and found GUILTY of domestic violence before joining reality show | The Sun

SEEKING Sister Wife star Marcus Epps was arrested and found guilty of domestic violence years before joining the cast of the TLC reality show.

The Sun can exclusively reveal court documents of Marcus' charges of domestic violence in Akron, Ohio from 2008.

According to court papers, Marcus was arrested on charges of domestic violence on March 5, 2008.

The Seeking Sister Wife star was held on a $5,000 bond and initially pleaded not guilty.

On April 24, 2008, Marcus was found guilty and did not contest it.

The $5,000 bond was dropped; however, he was not to have any "unlawful contact" with the victim.

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The Akron Clerk of Court exclusively told The Sun most legal files detailing the trial have been destroyed, as it happened 14 years ago.

The Sun is currently in contact with Marcus to await his comment.


Marcus joined the cast of Seeking Sister Wife for season four with his wife Taryn and his fiancée India, and the family has already struck strong reactions from fans.

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It turns out that while filming the TLC show episodes in Orlando, Florida, Marcus is simultaneously an elected official city councilman in his hometown of Euclid, Ohio.

Marcus' personal and political pasts come with plenty of scandal that fans are slowly uncovering as they learn more about the family on the show.

While explaining his approach to a "polygamous lifestyle" Marcus told the TLC cameras: "We've been living a polygamous lifestyle for the past two years, and I think it's going great."

He explained he met India when he and Taryn were separated from their marriage.

Taryn had moved out with their child and meanwhile, Marcus got engaged to India.

Taryn said: "When Marcus brought up the idea of polygamy, I thought it kind of made sense for us."

"I also really like the fact that I can have a relationship and love another person without it being a relationship that threatens my marriage with you."

India said she originally rejected the idea of polygamy, but Marcus was "persistent."

She continued: "We had growing pains, but now, Taryn and I get along great. People have to do what works for them and not what society says should work for you."


Another scandal has recently emerged as Marcus and Lindsey have been under fire after a woman was "shot and killed" at an alleged birthday party the couple was hosting.

Starcasm first made the connection between Seeking Sister Wife and the councilman's shooting scandal, which happened in Cleveland in October 2020.

The "after-hours club" was operating out of an abandoned building from a previous foreclosure that court documents revealed is owned by the state.

A 911 dispatch call televised on 19 News revealed police had knowledge of the building's history and ties to the after-hours bar previous to the shooting.

The emergency call was made when bullets came in from the front window of the illegal establishment.

Three people were reportedly shot by an unidentified man who was denied entry to the club by a bouncer.

Shameia Hurth, died from her injuries, Darnella Wilson was shot in the leg, and a man was shot in the arm.

Footage from body cameras on policemen was televised later on 19 News and showed dozens of frightened partiers exiting the building.

Two men carried Darnella out of the side door, and one of these individuals was later identified as Marcus.

As police investigated the incident further, a woman claimed to be the owner of the illegal property and she told police she was "hosting a birthday party."

The woman was later identified as Taryn, and Marcus also backed her up on her claims as he told police: "I have the lease to the place."


19 News discovered a paper trail, which tied Marcus and Taryn to the property.

Although the property foreclosed, the former owner had still been taking in $1000 a month for rent from the "OFC Group."

There are debtor documents where Marcus lists his company as The OFC Group LLC.

19 News found an article in the News Herald where Marcus lists the same company with his name.

The outlet also compared Marcus' signatures on the lease of the property with his campaign finance statement on file with the state and they appeared to match.

19 News found The OFC Group's business license on file with the state listed Taryn as the owner.

Law enforcement never revealed any information to the public about potential suspects for the shooting and the case is still ongoing.


Three months after the shooting, 19 News followed up on the story with an exclusive interview with Darnella, one of the victims.

Darnella was the woman carried out by Marcus caught on the body cameras of the police.

She explained it was her first time inside of the after-hours club.

Darnella said she paid a bouncer a $20 cash cover fee to enter the side door of the establishment and that it was "packed with a ton of people."

As she was dancing inside, it was "so crowded" she didn't realize she had been shot until she was being dragged out of the building into an ambulance.

19 News' sources were all unsure of where all of the cash money was going after they gave it to the bouncer.

Darnella said she did not know the club was an illegal establishment until after the shooting.


Meanwhile, Marcus doesn't appear to be the fan-favorite after his family's debut on Seeking Sister Wife.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their "confusion" over their story as they slam him for being a "cheater."

One fan wrote: "Wait a minute. He's an elected official?"

Another posted: "Marcus is an elected official and in a polygamous relationship. I wonder how the election commercials from his opponents are."

A third said: "This polygamy just allows him to continue to cheat without actually looking like he's cheating. He ain't slick."

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A fourth chimed in: "Seems like they are okay with polygamy just to stay with ol' cheating Marcus. Are they really happy with this arrangement?"

Yet a fifth added: "I refuse to believe these beautiful queens are lining up to share this man."

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