Scott Evans Scares Brother Chris in Hilarious Video — and the Marvel Star Gets Him Back

May the best Evans brother win.

On Thursday, famous siblings Chris Evans and Scott Evans put their scaring skills to the test as they each tried to startle one another by screaming the other brother's name — and the reactions are hilarious.

Scott was first to spook his brother by popping out from behind a wall and screaming "Chris" while the Captain America star was walking down the hallway and humming to himself.

The Marvel actor — showing off his ripped arms in a tank top — let out a scream before laughing at his brother's successful scare.

"Finally got a good scare on this guy," Scott, 37, wrote alongside a video of his brother's reaction.

"And yes, even @chrisevans needs to unbuckle his belt after a big Thanksgiving meal," the Before We Go actor teased about Chris's post-Thanksgiving outfit.

The Knives Out star, 39, reposted the video writing, "game on," signaling that his scare would be coming up next.

A couple of hours later, Chris got his sibling back by screaming "Scott" as his younger brother came out of the bathroom.

"Got him back," Chris captioned the clip while Scott reposted it writing, "And so it begins…"

Earlier this week, Chris showed off another one of his skills: playing the piano.

On Tuesday, the actor treated his fans to a short classical concert as he shared a few quick clips of him playing the piano to his Instagram Stories.

In the videos, Chris is seen sitting at a piano with his camera situated so that viewers can see his hands on the keys and the upper half of his body.

"Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini," he captioned the clip, referencing an Italian music composer.

While playing the calming symphony, Chris made sure to glance at the camera every few bars to give viewers a soft smile.

As if fans weren't swooning enough at the actor's musical skills, the actor also sported a navy cable knit sweater, similar to the pullover he wore in Knives Out that sent the Internet into a frenzy.

The Avengers star has been playing the piano since he was younghe told Men's Journal in 2019, and he can also play the guitar and "fake it" on the drums.

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