Saturday Picks: The Split, Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey, My Super Ex-Girlfriend



Nicola Walker is magnetic in The Split.

Nicola Walker is magnetic in The Split.

7.30pm, ABC

The potentially devastating fragility of family is laid bare in this complex legal drama starring the magnetic Nicola Walker. As her character, lawyer Hannah Stern, teeters towards the precipice of self-destruction, the paving stones that led her there are becoming more visible. The thought-provoking distraction from her personal turmoils in this instalment is a fraught pre-nup between a sports star and his wide-eyed fiancee.



8.05pm, SBS

The Ab Fab star could be a Greek goddess herself, so poised and regal is she, perched on the yacht of a shipping magnate on her journey through the wildly diverse Greek islands. Lumley's love of history and her fascination with the people still so connected with it is infectious, as is the philosophy she extracts from all she sees and learns. Here, she alights on such sacred spots as the Cave of the Apocalypse.



7pm, 9Go!

Part of Uma Thurman's appeal is her sense of humour and that has never been more useful to her as it is in this 2006 superhero spoof in which she is cast as a hot chick with the ability to crush cars and accidentally injure her lover during fornication. Harking back to the fantastical rom-coms of the 1980s, this is a deliberately goofy good time not worth taking too seriously. Luke Wilson and Eddie Izzard co-star.

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