RHOC alum Jeana Keough reveals ex-husband Matt tragically died of a ‘pulmonary embolism’ – The Sun

RHOC alum Jeana Keough revealed her ex-husband, Matt, tragically died of a "pulmonary embolism."

Just four days before Matt's passing, Jeana's daughter, Kara Bosworth, lost her newborn son after childbirth.

Just days after his passing, Jeana opened up about Matt's tragic death in an interview with Hollywood Life.

She said: “He had a pulmonary embolism."

She explained that the blood clot was in Matt’s lungs.

Jeana couldn't confirm what caused the "pulmonary embolism," but explained that Matt, a former MLB pro, was not used to just “staying at home” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She added: “So young and pretty reasonably healthy. That’s a guy who never ate sugar and ate really healthy."

Jeana also revealed that there is “no family history” of the condition.

Only four days before Matt's death, Jeana's daughter, Kara, lost her second child with her husband, Kyle Bosworth, after childbirth.

Jeana said: "You know what to lose a grandchild and an ex husband in less than three weeks — It’s been rough.”

The former RHOC star confessed: “They’re all taking it badly." 

In a previous interview with the site, Jeana said her daughter and son-in-law are "suffering" following their loss.


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