‘Really disappointed’ A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies gutted as couple halt viewing

A Place in the Sun: Couple passes on 'impractical' property

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A Place in the Sun presenter Danni Menzies toured house hunters David and Diane around Almería in Spain on a recent episode of the Channel 4 property show. At the start of the programme the couple revealed they had a budget of £150,000 and were hoping to find a rural property with lots of space, a pool, and beautiful views. However, as their property search went on Danni realised she had a difficult task on her hands to suit all their needs as the couple struggled to agree.

The search got off to a bad start as the couple insisted the first property was not a contender as it didn’t have the views they’d dreamt of.

Hoping to impress them with the next option, Danni swiftly whisked them away to the second property.

Diane liked the modern interior, although David confessed he prefers a more traditional style.

Together they conceded the location wasn’t quite right as the property was at the top of a steep hill.

Moving onto the third property, Danni was sure she’d found a winner as the host took David and Diane to a stunning five bedroom house.

The property had elements of the traditional charm David was looking for, but had been recently renovated to suit Diane’s more modern taste.

However, halfway through the property search, Danni noticed the couple didn’t seem too happy.

She said: “I’m not getting the same excitement off you and the same feeling off you as we got at the previous property.”

Diane commented: “I think for me, if I’m honest, the drive along the road feels more rural, more isolated.

“I know that we want that but it just feels like it’s almost one step a little bit too far for me,” she confessed.

Diane also noted she may struggle with the stairs in the property as she has problems with her knees.

She explained: “I think maybe the stairs are a little bit of an issue that I hadn’t considered.

“It’s probably going to be a little bit difficult with my knees if I’m honest,” she added.

David chimed in: “It’s going to come down to the practicalities of the amount of stairs and the isolation for Di driving back and forth.”

Danni questioned: “Okay, so would you like to see anymore of this one?”

David: “I think probably not. I think. We’ve realised that what might be the dream is not a practical dream.”

“Alright then, I’m learning lots on this. It’s a toughie!” Danni laughed.

As the couple left the property without seeing all it had to offer, Danni admitted she was finding it a “tricky” task to meet all their requirements.

The presenter said: “I’m really disappointed that David and Di didn’t like this beautifully finished cortijo, but I totally understand that it’s the practicalities of it rather than what it has got to offer that’s ruled it out.

“It’s on the market for just under £147,000. I thought this might be a tricky property search and so far I’ve been right.

“But, I’m not giving up without a fight,” Danni insisted.

As the search continued the couple struggled to agree and eventually decided not to move forward with any of the five properties Danni showed them.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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