Rachel Maddow To Debut ‘Ultra’ Podcast In First Project Under NBCUniversal-MSNBC Deal

Rachel Maddow is launching another new podcast series with MSNBC, this time examining the history of an 80-year-old plot to undermine democracy.

The podcast will be Maddow’s first since scaling back her weeknight schedule to just Mondays. Last year, Maddow signed a new contract with NBCUniversal that included the development of new projects.

The podcast, Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra, will debut its first two episodes on Oct. 10, with further episodes on subsequent Mondays. According to MSNBC, in the eight episode series Maddow “will guide listeners through history to tell the story of Americans who plotted to overthrow the government and democracy during World War II, the members of Congress who aligned themselves with hat movement, and their attempts to cover their tracks when they were exposed.” 

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MSNBC President Rashida Jones said that the podcast series will be “the first of many projects in the expanding Rachel universe that will allow audiences to see — or hear — Rachel on all of our platforms.” 

Maddow said in a statement, “We are not the first generation of Americans to have contended with a clear and present threat to our democracy. The history of this particular fight is less well known today, but it’s a fascinating example of how the criminal law can’t be counted on to do it all. Protecting democracy from its enemies takes all kinds of Americans working in all kinds of ways.”

Maddow is executive producer of the podcast series along with Michael Yarvitz, former producer of The Rachel Maddow Show. They also paired to produce Bag Man, the podcast about Spiro Agnew later turned into a book and an upcoming feature film. The podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other platforms.

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