'Pretty Little Mamas' Star Explodes Over 'Rude,' 'Cheap' Party Crashers In Series Premiere (Exclusive Video)

A few uninvited guests sets off Nicole’s rage in this sneak peek at MTV’s new reality show.

If this preview is any indication, the stars of MTV’s "Pretty Little Mamas" can be some petty little mamas, too!

In an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s premiere episode, 24-year-old mother-of-one Nicole can barely contain her anger when co-star Nikki shows up with two uninvited gusts.

With her boyfriend MIA, Nikki decides to bring two of her girlfriends instead. Big mistake, according to Nicole, who greets them all with a look of disdain that must be seen to believe.

"Oh, well you didn’t let me know that they were coming," she tells Nikki. "As soon as I saw the fabric on these girls, I knew that they were not invited guests," Nicole adds in a catty confessional.

While the two girls try to make nice by saying they should all get a drink together, Nicole shoots back, "Yeah, drink my alcohol, go right ahead."

As they go get some bubbly, Nicole vents to some of her actually invited gusts, as well as to the camera. "Sorry, I don’t do party crashers," she says. "Nikki’s acting like a complete idiot. Maybe I should give Nikki the bill, she can pay for the 20 bottles of champagne. I don’t need new friends."

The insults keep coming as she calls the other two girls "super rude" and "cheap."

Her final dig: "This is not a backyard bbq where weiners are being served, I have oysters on ice."

"Pretty Little Mamas," following a group of young moms living it up in San Diego, premieres Thursday, August 30 at 9pm on MTV.

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