Power Book III: Raising Kanan gets first look trailer at 50 Cent's character's teen years

POWER Book III's Raising Kanan has released its first-look trailer which follows 50 Cent's character in his teen years.

The third installment of the Power franchise is set to hit screens next summer and this new teaser is sure to whet the appetite for the show's diehard fans.

There is throwback to retro fashion, as well as glimpses of the brand new new cast in the new teaster clip.

50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III can be heard saying at the start of the clip: "You already know how my s**t ended, this is how it started."

While he said this, the face of Kanan as he was older, slowly changed to the younger version of himself on the left side of the screen.

He then uttered at the end of the clip: "This is my story. This is a Southside, Jamaica Queens story."

Mekai Curtis, the star of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day will play the lead as the young Kanan Stark.

He is joined by the likes of House star Omar Epps, Ballers actor London Brown, and Mr Robot star and rapper Joey Bada$ in the exciting cast, which also features The Hunger Games Mockingjay star Patina Miller.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun back in June, London Brown revealed the show would be a throwback to years gone by and his Power Book III character Marvin is unlike anything he has played before.

He said: “I’m playing a different vibe of a character from what I do on Ballers, it’s a throwback to the nineties: the wardrobe, the cars, the lingo.”

London Brown also revealed he always admired the original series of Power, despite not watching the show himself.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Online, London, 39, who starred in HBO series Ballers, was always a fan of the the New-York based drama and its concept.

He explained: “I’ve never watched Power, reason being was that while I was in the middle of filming Ballers, I was looking at Power from afar and thought ‘man that would be a cool show to be a part of.’”

He believes that contributed to why he didn’t tune in, adding: “Even though I was working on a super dope show [Ballers] and I was working with the biggest star in the world in Dwayne Johnson, there was part of me that wished I could be a part of Power.”

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