Power Book II theories: Tariq kills Saxe as fans predict major deaths for first season

Power Book II: Ghost episode seven teaser released by STARZ

Power Book II: Ghost finally made a comeback at the start of the month after taking a hiatus in October. As the gripping Starz spin-off continues, viewers are predicting series mainstay Cooper Saxe could finally atone for his actions by the time the season finale rolls around.

Power fans have tipped Cooper Saxe (played by Shane Johnson) as the first major death in the first follow-up to the popular Starz series, Book II: Ghost. 

When the midseason wrapped up the first half of the new spin-off back in October, Saxe had already begun to enact his plan to nail Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) for the murder of Ghost (Omari Hardwick). 

Despite his own son pulling the trigger, it was actually Ghost’s wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) who ended up taking the fall for the crime in order to let Tariq go free.

The young dealer is now in over his head as he balances his college life with following in his father’s footsteps with a precarious partnership with queenpin Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige).

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So far, the body count this season has been low, but speculation seems to point to some major deaths in the series before the finale arrives in the new year.

Ahead of episode seven, Sex Week, hitting screens this Sunday, fans took to Reddit to lay out their theories. 

One user posted: “With the release of the midseason trailer, who do you think Christmas is going to be cancelled for?”

They added several ominous predictions, including: “Tariq killing Saxe and making it look like a suicide.”

As one of the longest-running members of the cast, shady attorney Cooper Saxe is long overdue for some comeuppance.

He first appeared as the main antagonist in Power’s first season and, since the death of Ghost, has transferred his grudge over the St. Patrick family onto Tariq.

Ghost’s reckless teenage son is in danger of exposing his guilt after a scheme concocted by Saxe and his niece, Riley Saxe-Merchant (Andrea Lee Christensen) led to Tariq’s drunken admission to the murder.

With a dubiously obtained confession caught on camera, Saxe has now teamed with defense attorney Davis Maclean (Method Man) in hopes of landing Tariq behind bars.

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However, if Tariq catches wind of Saxe’s plan, he may once again have to resort to violent means to avoid jail time. 

Fans have also predicted Monet will kill the cop she’s sleeping with, Officer Danilo Ramirez (Shalim Ortiz), though others weren’t so sure about Tariq adding another body to his ledger. 

One viewer replied: “I think Monet kills the cop too, doubt Tariq will catch another body but this is Power.”

Moreover, despite his major role in the original series, viewers are convinced showrunner Courtney Kemp and the writers team still have big things in store for Saxe going ahead.

Another fan commented: “As incredible as it is that Saxe is still alive, the showrunners seem to be building his character up and I can’t see him being killed off this early. 

“Other than that I think everyone is fair game. Saxe’s niece is gonna bite it sooner or later I think.”

Riley is still hanging out with Tariq and Brayden (Gianni Polo) despite her uncle’s warnings, so fans will have to tune in this Sunday to find out how Saxe decides to test her loyalty. 

Power Book II: Ghost continues Sundays on Starz and Starzplay.

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