Phillip Schofield met with silence over jibe about Kay Burley ‘flouting’ COVID rules

Kay Burley: Phillip Schofield makes a joke about the presenter

Phillip Schofield, 58, and Holly Willoughby, 38, were on hand to host another edition of This Morning, asking viewers to call in if they were worried about a family feud with regards to current coronavirus restrictions. With a limited number of family members allowed to be under the same roof this Christmas, Agony Aunt Deidre Sanders was hoping to resolve some anxieties on the rules in place and how to be safe over the festive season. However, the ITV broadcaster referenced journalist Kay Burley, 59, breaching Tier-Two rules at the weekend.

The Sky News presenter took to Twitter where she explained she had attended a celebration for her 60th birthday with several friends and colleagues at a COVID-friendly establishment.

Kay wrote she was “embarrassed” to say she had “inadvertently broke the rules” by going to use the lavatory in another restaurant – past the 11pm curfew – whilst waiting for a taxi.

This has made the headlines over the past few days and has not been mentioned on This Morning as one of the discussions they have.

However, Phillip upset the apple cart on Wednesday as he brought up the matter whilst having a conversation about the rules over mass gatherings.

With Holly and Deidre discussing the worries over families meeting at Christmas, the latter explained she knew someone who was going to have 16 people visit their house on the day itself.

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“It’s not Kay Burley, is it?” Phillip asked with a big grin on his face but both Holly and the Agony Aunt seemed to dismiss the comment.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home commented on the jibe, with one viewer writing: “Phillip throwing the shade this morning. #ThisMorning.”

Another added: “I don’t like Kay Burley but was there any need for that comment made by Mr Nicey Nicey Phil? #ThisMorning.”

Whilst a third commented: “‘Someone’s told you they’ve got 16 people coming round, it’s not Kay Burley is it?’ Ouch, Philip #ThisMorning.”


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