Peter Weber's Ex Merissa Pence Claimed Victoria F. Threatened Her the First Time They Met

[Bachelor spoilers ahead! You have been warned!!]

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor keeps getting messier as the days go on. Now that Reality Steve spoiled how next week goes down (Spoiler: Peter and Victoria F. break up then get back together during hometowns), it’s time to get his ex’s side of the story since she’s the one who revealed how “shady” Victoria is.

According to Reality Steve, Merissa Pence, who dated Peter in 2012, shows up next week to tell Peter about the alleged other side of Victoria. And thanks to Us Weekly, we don’t have to wait to hear what Merissa knows because she just spilled all the details.

Talking to the outlet, Merissa spoke about her and Victoria’s so-called friendship and claimed Victoria threatened her the first time they met. She said, “We became friends when I moved back from Los Angeles about three years ago. Our first encounter was that she told me she was going to slash my tires because I was hanging out with one of her ex-boyfriends.” Off to a great start already!

But even though that supposed first meeting left a sour taste in Merissa’s mouth, they continued to hang out because Merissa was friends with Victoria’s best friend. Merissa said it was more like “a forced friendship” and that she wouldn’t “voluntarily go hang out with” the controversial Bachelor contestant.

When Merissa found out Victoria was going on the show to date Peter, Merissa admitted she had a “moment” but got over it because she’s an adult. However! Merissa did have a problem with how Victoria allegedly acted after she found out she’d be on TV.

According to Merissa, one night at a friend’s birthday party, Victoria “was just acting crazy” and “just wanting all the attention.” Victoria also apparently added, “Do you know who I am?” That right there was the moment Merissa was like, no more. According to Merissa, Victoria “just thinks that the world revolves around her and she’s the hottest thing that’s ever hit this planet.”

Well yikes! So, yeah, you could say Victoria probably won’t be pleased to see Merissa appear on the show!

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