Peter Andre's daughter Amelia, 7, knocks her own tooth out while eating dinner

PETER Andre's seven-year-old daughter Amelia "knocked her tooth out" while eating her tea,

The youngster said she "nearly swallowed it" during the dinnertime drama – but soon got out a pen and wrote a message to the Tooth Fairy.

The 47-year-old Mysterious Girl singer's wife Emily, 31, explained what had happened on the latest episode of their YouTube series.

She said: "Yesterday Millie bit down when she was eating dinner and she's basically knocked her tooth out, poor thing.

"I'm sure Millie will want to write a note to the tooth fairy because she normally does."

When asked what happened, the youngster told her parents: "My tooth fell out. I told you it was ready. I nearly swallowed it."

Amelia is the eldest of the couple's two children, also sharing a son Theo, four, neither of whose faces are ever known on social media or TV.

Peter also has Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, from his first marriage to Katie Price.

The star recently recovered from a bout of coronavirus that left him exhausted and gasping for breath.

All the while he had to deal with people saying he was faking having the disease, explaining: "They said, 'You disgust me'.

"I had somebody say that yesterday. 'You disgust me, we never saw your thing from the NHS saying you were positive.'

"Because what am I going to do? Put it up on the screen? It's ridiculous."

Emily added: "You see it in the media play out so much – you hear all these stories of young people who are getting really unwell.

"It makes you worried more than you would if you didn't know it was coronavirus."

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