Peter Andre reveals chaos after 10 days in isolation with the family in new YouTube video

PETER Andre has given fans a sneak peek at his family's recent and chaotic stint in isolation.

Pete, 48, and his brood were forced to go into quarantine after his son Junior, 15, tested positive for coronavirus.

This meant that home schooling had to resume for his daughters Princess, 13, and Amelia, seven, and his doctor wife Emily was unable to go to work for 10 days.

Peter documented their period of isolation for the family's YouTube channel and admitted it was tough keeping boredom at bay.

The Aussie star began his video saying: "Junior's now had a PCR test and has tested positive for Covid.

"He had the headaches, the body aches, he really wasn't feeling great. He's had it – and now we've all got to self-isolate for 10 days."

Pete added: "The kids are at home and it's back to homeschooling. Junior's up in his room not feeling great and Emily has to now do all her Zooms from home.

"She's in all day in one spot in the living room and all she can hear is the screaming and the madness going on in the house."

The couple's four-year-old son Theo then pretends to BBQ Peter's toe with metal tongs, leaving him yelping in pain.

Pete is seen visiting Junior from his bedroom door while holding his jumper over his face. The teen can be heard coughing in the video.

Further clips show Amelia and Theo begging to be pushed into the washing machine and clinging onto Pete's leg, before he also collapses in a pile of laundry.

In a bid to entertain the children, Emily sends them on a scavenger hunt in the garden.

But this results in Theo putting his coat on upside down and attempting to leap off their climbing frame – while Amelia slides down the slide backwards.

The family can also be seen tearing around the house during a game of chase, moving Pete's office from upstairs to downstairs and baking a red velvet cake.

Towards the end of their isolation, Amelia and Theo resort to jumping on the furniture, while Princess is filmed playing around with a loud microphone.

Pete even fires up the BBQ to cook some chicken despite the freezing weather.

By day 10, a gleeful Peter said: "Today is our last day of self isolation and we are like, oh my gosh, we can't wait to get out and about."

He then thanked fans for sending kind get well wishes to Junior, who has since recovered from Covid.

Both Peter and step-mum Emily, 31, were struck with Covid-19 last year and were left with suffered lingering side effects.

The dad-of-four called his battle with the disease "very unpleasant" and was confined to his bed and sofa for days.

He added that his cousin was also badly affected and needed oxygen because his struggle was so serious.

Emily, an NHS doctor, got her first coronavirus jab back in January after seeing off the disease in 2020.

She has since received her second vaccine but still had to isolate after Junior's positive test, as there was a risk of her passing Covid on to patients and colleagues.

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