Peacock to Slash Price on Premium Tier as It Becomes the New Home for Next-Day Streaming of NBC Shows

As Peacock becomes the exclusive new home for the next-day streaming of NBC shows such as the #OneChicago trifecta, SNL and The Voice, it will (temporarily) cut the price for the Premium tier that will be required to do so.

Starting September 19, Peacock will — as TVLine previously reported — become the new streaming home of NBC and Bravo fare, offering its Premium subscribers next-day access to current seasons of NBC and Bravo shows the day after they air on the networks. (Older NBC series such as 30 Rock are not affected by this decision, as they currently stream on Hulu as part of different, separate deals.)

“We are excited to provide Peacock customers with a comprehensive destination for streaming the incredible programming airing on NBC and Bravo all year long,” Peacock president Kelly Campbell said in a statement. “From Sunday Night Football and Jurassic World: Dominion to Saturday Night Live and The Office, Peacock is the streaming home for NBCUniversal and beyond, providing customers a massive premium content offering across TV, Film, Sports, and News, with less than five minutes of ads per hour for just $5 per month.”

Ah, but for new customers who sign-up for Peacock’s Premium plan in the month of September, that “just $5 a month” will be “just $1.99 a month,” or $19.99 for an entire year, as part of “a special Fall celebratory offer.”

Currently, Peacock offers three levels of entry: a free, basic plan that will not allow you to stream episodes next-day; the Premium plan, which forces you to sit through some ads and usually is $4.99/month, but is being cut to $1.99 for new subs signing up in September; and Peacock Premium Plus, which fetches $9.99/month and spares you the watching of any ads.


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