Ozark plot hole: Fans ‘expose’ error with Navarro’s rival cartel and Ruth Langmore ambush

The Netflix crime drama aired its season finale in 2020 and as fans patiently wait for the upcoming instalment, many have taken to re-watching old episodes of Ozark. This is where an eagle-eyed fan spotted a major error in a key Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner) scene from season three.

Ruth got involved in the Mexican cartel after Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) enlisted her help to launder money.

In a bid to save his life he agreed to wash $500 million for them so relocated to the Missouri Ozarks from Chicago with his family.

Ruth’s intelligence and awareness made her the perfect asset for Marty as she was also a local who knew how to keep things under wraps and who to trust.

After founding a strip club and funeral home, Marty decided to expand his empire and open a riverboat casino as a front to launder the cash.

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In his desperate attempt to wash money for the cartel, throughout the series Marty ended up making enemies.

In order to make the riverboat casino, Marty encouraged his wife Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) to manipulate high profile businessman Charles Wilkes (Darren Goldstein) who had an influence on politics.

He also called in a favour from Buddy (Harris Yulin) who was able to set up a meeting with the KC mob for staff and additional security.

KC Mob leader Frank Cosgrove sr (John Bedford Lloyd) agreed under the guise his crew members would get paid by Marty through a union for “every construction truck, every food delivery, every limo” which was run by Frank’s team.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Wendy made plans with Charles which allowed him to use his political powers with the gambling commission to pass the bill for the casino to get the all-clear.

The businessman informed Wendy she and Marty would have to agree to everything the chairman demanded as part of the deal, which he disclosed: “The casino cannot be a union shop. Under any circumstances.”

Marty completely went against his deal with the KC Mob by agreeing to the deal with Charles and this had some major repercussions.

After realising what they agreed to, Wendy became petrified for Marty’s fate and begged him to move to Australia, while she came up with plans to give the businesses to Ruth.

She changed her mind and agreed they would face the mob and a few episodes later Frank’s crew were ambushed and killed by the rival Lagunas cartel, and this is where fans noticed the major error.

Taking to Reddit the viewer exposed the plot hole and asked: “How did the Lagunas Cartel know where to find the KC Boys / Ruth’s drop point to do the hit when Ruth changed up the location the day before?

“They were following Marty, not Ruth, so did they know who Frank Jr.’s boys were?” they added.

In response, another fan suggested: “The Lagunas probably followed the to be laundered money from its source and they were tracking it.

The viewer stated: “And they think it’s a great time to take action when the KC mobs are stopping at a remote location where they think there’s no one around,”

“I doubt the Lagunas actually know they had hit the KC mobs, they probably think the guys are part of the Navarro cartel,” they explained.

Ozark season 4 premieres on Netflix in 2022.

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