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Noah Centineo Sober Why, Alcohol Drug Abuse Issues

Many people go wild after they turn 21, the legal drinking age in the United States, but Noah Centineo had different plans. The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star actually became sober for an entire year after his 21st birthday because of past “reckless” behavior.

Noah moved to Los Angeles when he was just 17 and quickly fell into the partying lifestyle.

“Previous to [my 21st birthday], I was partying, experimenting, and just completely being reckless and being loose — while still managing a career,” he tells Bustle. “I was running on fumes, and I was pretty much getting high off the fumes that I was running on.”


The 22-year-old actor eventually started making pretty poor decisions and realized his regrettable choices usually came when he “was on some sort of substance.”

“I woke up the day before I turned 21 and was like, ‘Society is telling me I can legally drink now. … Funny, I’ve been doing that and way worse for the past three, four years,” he explains.

While Noah is no longer sober, he said his year-long sobriety decision was “an act of self love” and totally changed who he is today.

“I learned the importance of taking care of myself, [of] making myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically sound,” he says. “One always ties in with the next.”

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