New York's Behavior During Flavor Flav Reunion Surprised Traci Braxton and Phaedra Parks (Exclusive)

Pollard may have been “talking trash” before, but seeing Flav brought back some old feelings.

Traci Braxton and Phaedra Parks thought Tiffany "New York" Pollard would be coming in hot when she reunited with Flavor Flav filming this week’s "Braxton Family Values." But instead of popping off, did they rekindle that flame?

After Traci’s sisters walked out on filming their reality show over a contract dispute, Braxton recruited some of her famous friends — including Parks, Flav and New York — to join her for a cattle drive in Wyoming for Black Cowboy Whiskey.

And, according to Phaedra, Tiffany went into her reunion with Flav — her first time seeing him in six years — with a bad taste in her mouth.

Pollard, of course, was one of the many women who competed for the rapper’s heart on two seasons of the VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love" in 2006. The HBIC of the house came in second both times, before getting a ton of spinoffs.

"She was talking so much trash about who she thought was coming," Phaedra told TooFab, adding that it was "a 360" once they saw each other. "Baby doll, when he walked through, I thought it was the second coming of Christ. I don’t know if he changed his ways, but she was a changed woman. He brought her to the cross."

"I thought she was gonna wash his feet," added Traci.

As seen in an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, Flav offered up some solid advice to Traci as well about dealing with the friction in her family.

"I miss my sisters. I miss working with them. They decided they want to handle their business a certain way and I decided to work and be there for my sisters when they’re ready to come back," she confessed to the group, which also included Kym Whitley.

"When you have a big family like that and you work together, it’s kinda hard," she continued. "I’m in the middle, I’m working and I know my sisters have business issues."

"My thing is this, if you don’t give it, you’re not gonna have it. You do you, don’t let anybody else do you and don’t let nobody stop you from doing what you have to do for your life to make your life better for you," Flav told Braxton.

"At the end of the day, you work it out, you stick together, no matter what, no matter whatever it is, no matter whatever it was," he added.

Tiffany agreed, telling her, "I think you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do, Trac."

In a confessional, she added, "Traci is a boss, she is a standup woman. She is carrying this load by herself and right now. Traci is fighting for her voice to be heard."

"Braxton Family Values" airs Thursdays on WE tv.

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