New Hollywood Podcast: Matt Tyrnauer & Patrisse Cullors Docs Put Socio-Political Issues Front And Center At Sundance

In the second live podcast recording of the New Hollywood Podcast at the Sundance Film Festival, we dive deep into LGBTQ content from the documentary angle with Where’s My Roy Cohn? director Matt Tyrnauer and Bedlam subject Patrisse Cullors, who is also the co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

During the panel titled “Preserving the Past for the Future: Documenting Untold Histories,” Tyrnauer and Cullors were on the same page when it came to discussing relevant socio-political issues affecting marginalized communities. Tyrnauer’s Where’s My Roy Cohn? is an eye-opening documentary about the titular Cohn, who essentially was the beta version of Donald Trump. Tyrnauer talks about how the lawyer and political figure was a sorcerer’s apprentice to Sen. Joseph McCarthy which paved the way to Trump. In between, his influence saw him emerge as a New York power broker, mafia consigliere, and white-collar criminal that serves as a template for power players in politics today.

In Kenneth Paul Rosenberg’s Bedlam, Cullors’ is one of four families that share their personal stories about mental health. For her part, she shares the heartbreaking story of her brother Monte and his struggle with mental health. This opens the floodgates that unveil the country’s severely broken healthcare and prison system.

Tyrnauer and Cullors share their stories and give insight into how these documentaries uncover seldom-told stories. The docs and their words are compelling, inspiring, and will light a fire in your belly when it comes to bringing change in our country and learning from the mistakes of our past.

Listen to the episode below.

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