Murder in the Outback viewers baffled as witness claims Peter Falconio is alive

Murder in the Outback viewers were left baffled on Tuesday night after a witness claimed that Peter Falconio is still alive.

Peter, a British backpacker went missing in 2001 while on holiday with his girlfriend Joanne Lees.

According to Joanne, Peter was shot and his body was never found, while she claims to have escaped abduction when she was rescued by a lorry driver.

However, during the documentary titled Murder in the Outback: The Falconio and Lees Mystery, witness Robert Brown and his partner Melissa came forward to give their accounts of what happened during the search for Peter’s body.

Robert believes he saw Peter at Brown’s Service Station, days after his death was reported in the newspaper.

Speaking in the documentary about that moment he said: ‘I was reading the race results in the paper and I heard the door squeak, and Melissa was on the other side and she’s yelling out to me.

‘She yelled at me again and then the next minute she turned the paper over and on the front page there was a picture of a gentleman down in the bottom right-hand corner and she tapped it.

‘I put the paper down and walked around the corner and then bang I am looking straight at this bloke I saw in the paper. I was sort of in shock.’

Robert went on to explain why he and Melissa didn’t go to the police straight away.

‘I didn’t go to the police straight away because it was none of my business,’ he continued.

‘I am 200% it was Peter Falconio, I will go under any lie detector test I was a metre away from him.’

Melissa added: ‘I personally believe he is alive, where he is I don’t know.’

In 2005, Bradley Murdoch was convicted of murdering Peter and assaulting his girlfriend Joanne on the remote Stuart Highway, Northern Territory.

The conviction was largely based on a DNA match found on Joanne’s T-shirt.

However, Robert is convinced that Bradley is innocent as he said: ‘I can’t believe Bradley Murdoch got convicted of it, in my opinion, there’s no way he could have murdered Peter Falconio.’

After Robert and Melissa’s admission, viewers took to social media to question if Peter is still alive.

One tweeted: ‘So he’s alive then?’

Another commented: ‘If peter is still alive, how come he hasn’t been spotted more then?’

While one added: ‘Peter Falconio is still alive. Bradley Murdoch is innocent.’

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