Midnight Club Easter eggs: Show boss exposes key features fans missed

The Midnight Club: Netflix release trailer for horror

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Netflix’s thrilling series The Midnight Club recently aired its season finale, but as fans await to hear about a potential second season, showrunner Mike Flanagan dropped a huge tease.  He exposed a number of huge easter eggs which, fans may have missed. 

The new Netflix thriller is Mike Flanagan’s recent addition to his series of horror shows which includes The Haunting of the Hill, the Haunting of Bly Manor and 2021’s Midnight Mass. 

Unlike the others, The Midnight Club met an open conclusion which gave fans hope for a potential second season. 

The series followed a group of terminally ill teenagers who were living together at an end-of-life hospice, Brightcliffe Manor, which was created specifically for young people. 

Each day at midnight, the youngsters would meet at the library where they would share horror stories. 

Together they made a pact that whoever was the first to die would give a message for the rest of the group to prove the afterlife was real. 

After Tristan (Jenaya Ross) dies, supernatural things began to occur around the hospice. 

Although each of the patients will soon meet their inevitable death, the finale came to a cliffhanger ending. 

In the final moments, it was revealed the hospice’s founder Dr Georgina Stanton (played by Heather Langenkamp) wore a wig to hide her bald head and had an overturned hourglass tattoo. 

This was a major plot twist because the hospice’s latest patient Ilonka (Iman Benson) refused to accept her mortality and went to Brightcliffe because she discovered decades-old records of miraculous healing and hoped history would repeat itself. 

She had found a diary of a girl named Athena, the daughter of Regina Ballard, who was the leader of the Paragon cult. 

In the notes, Athena wrote Regina had founded the cult in 1939 at a site which would later become Brightcliffe Manor as “a naturopathic alternative to the medical establishment.” 

Members of the Paragon adopted the image of an overturned hourglass as their symbol which represented their goal, to conquer death. 

With the fact that Dr Stanton was bald and had the Paragon’s symbol tattooed on her, viewers questioned her true identity and if she too was terminally ill. 

Although fans will have to wait for season two for the answers, showrunner Mike Flanagan exposed some easter eggs which likely went unnoticed. 

He shared: “I always want to end a little more hopeful than heavy source material, and this one has a lot to say about the cyclical nature of life and death.

“I can give you a really fun Easter egg, you’ve met Death on the show. The personification of Death has appeared on the show, but it’s not what you think.”

Mike continued: “You can spot the Lasser Glass in the show (from Flanagan’s 2014 film Oculus), if you haven’t already, I won’t tell you where, but someone will put it up [online] pretty soon.

“There are some cameos in the show that are fun and really hard to find. 

“But if you keep your eyes peeled (or your ears peeled), you can find Hamish Linklater, Carla Gugino and Kate Siegel in the show. 

Mike added to TV Line: “If you can find Hamish, I think that’s a real Easter egg hunt victory.”

The Midnight Club is available on Netflix

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