Meryl Streep shares pain of children hearing criticism about her

Meryl Streep questioned on her Mamma Mia dungarees

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The Don’t Look Up star made the confession in 1992 when she was raising four small children. Speaking to Barry Norman on the BBC’s Talking Pictures, the star said it hurt more as her children got older and became more literate.

Presenter Barry Norman began the interview by pointing out that the actress was particularly singled out for vitriolic abuse.

In the clip, a visibly upset Meryl gave her reasons as to why she felt critics attacked her.

She said: “Yes [the criticism] hurts my feelings very deeply.

“It hurts more as time goes on and my children become literate and are able to read things.

“Or they watch things on the television or a reviewer, going (giving the thumbs down sign), they ask me, ‘Why they are so mean to you?’”

A very surprised Barry went on to quiz the Witches of Eastwick star about why she thought that was the case.

To which Meryl shrugged and answered: “Well it is sort of a religion in America to set people up and then tear them down.”

“They do it regularly. If I felt that people that watched my films felt the way that they do then I would open my wrists.”

She added: “But I know they don’t feel that way and I guess the mail [she receives] talks more openly about the whole movie experience.”

Meryl also explained that people that go to the movies are generally more open and receptive to what they have just seen.

As opposed to movie critics who have to review films for a living.

She said: “I think that critics have to be different due to the nature of their job because they have to watch everything that comes out in the season.”


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The star, who was promoting her latest film at the time, Death Becomes Her added: “It’s a glut.

“You’re always seen in the context of what [movie] has come before.

“I mean people go to the movies to watch stories and are very often carried away by them.”

The footage came after Meryl also revealed that she idolised Robert De Niro when she first started acting.

In an Interview with Far Out last month, the star revealed her crush to Hollywood Foreign press in the 80s.

She said: “When I was in drama school, I idolised Robert De Niro.”

“That’s the kind of actor I want to be when I grow up.’ So, it was a dream to work with him the first time in The Deer Hunter.”

She continued: “I love working with him because he’s so meticulous, and he’s very committed to the moment that happens.”

“It’s really very challenging to work with him, but great.”

Talking Pictures Meryl Streep Interview is available on BBC Iplayer

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