Mel B reveals Spice Girls called her a 'b***h' after discovering she'd 'lied' to them about starring on Masked Singer

MEL B revealed her Spice Girls bandmates called her a "b***h" after she was unveiled as a Masked Singer contestant.

Scary Spice, 45, was unmasked as the Seahorse on Saturday night and became the second celebrity to be eliminated after Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Her vocal disguise while singing Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head failed to fool the judges who recognised her Leeds accent.

And Mel's Spice Girl pals had flashbacks to when she used random excuses to avoid meeting them, unaware their friend was rehearsing for the show.

She said: "I got so many text messages saying 'oh my god. I can't believe it was you. Why didn't you tell us?'"

Mel continued: "I came to London a few times to rehearse and do the whole song and costume fitting and stuff.

"I'd say to the girls 'I'm in London', and I'd have to remind myself 's**t I can't tell them why I'm in London'. So I was busy all day. And they were like 'oi, b***h make some time for us.'

"I was like 'yeah, it's been so hectic today. I need to go back home and sort the kids out now.' And they're like 'you're in and out in a day?' and now they're like 'that's why you were in London'."

The singer said the group is desperate to perform again following their lucrative 2019 stadium reunion tour – and this time with Victoria Beckham in tow.

"I'm always looking forward to performing and singing and getting up on stage," she said. "With Covid going on none of that can be properly booked.

"Until the laws and restrictions ease up and we get a hold on the virus, it's all a bit up in the air.

"Between us lot in Spice Girls we are dying to get onstage and perform, we all really want to."

Fashion designer Victoria turned down the opportunity to hit the road last time round but it looks like she's now keen to Spice up her life once again.

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