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MASTERMIND fans have been left stunned after they realised where they had seen a 'cute' contestant before.

The latest episode of the BBC Two programme saw four more contestants take it in turns to sit in the famous black chair and answer questions from host, Clive Myrie.

The second participant was James Devine-Stoneman, and his specialist subject was Lady Gaga.

He managed to get 10 questions right, finding himself in joint third place going into the next round.

After his two minutes of general knowledge questions, James got an amazing 16 right, taking his score to 26.

Sadly for James it wasn't enough to win the episode, as he ended up second behind winner Lee who had scored 28 points.

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During the episode, Mastermind viewers were distracted by James, realising they had seen him before.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Quiz Cutie Alert with that man JDS delighting our TV screens yet again #Mastermind."

Another added: "the Triumphant Reemergence of Devine-Stoneman! A University Challenge fav! #Mastermind."

A fellow viewer replied: "I thought I recognised the face! Your knowledge knows no bounds."

The original tweeter responded: "I could never forget that jawline and cheekbone combo."

Indeed, James was the captain of the St John's University team during the 2018 series of University Challenge.

James lead his team to victory, triumphing over Merton College, Oxford in the final.

Mastermind airs on BBC Two and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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