Martin Lewis puts OVO energy boss on the spot ‘Fat cat making profit’

Martin Lewis confronts Energy boss on Good Morning Britain

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Martin Lewis grilled the founder of OVO Energy on Good Morning Britain as he discussed Liz Truss’ plans to put a freeze on energy bills if she is selected as the next Prime Minister. However, the interview soon took a turn when the ITV presenter accused Stephen of being greedy.

Referencing one of the newspaper headlines, Martin began: “Truss could freeze bills to avoid energy Armageddon.

“It’s talking about her shifting to that plan, if they’re shifting to that plan, they will be talking to you.

“What is happening in your diary for the rest of the day?

“We’re expecting to meet with the new government as soon as possible,” Stephen replied.

“I’ve been told already over the weekend that this is the first order of business, and that we should expect to be meeting ministers and their advisers in the coming days.”

The GMB host continued: “Do you think this is right? Do you think they’re looking at a price freeze?”

“I think they’re looking at a lot of options,” he explained. “And I think the intent is to find something simply and immediately.

“I am delighted to hear that, we have waited a long time to find out what is going to happen.

“We need to wait for a new Prime Minister, that’s a lot of money we are talking about.”

Martin went on to argue they could have put in the plans before a new Prime Minister was put in place.

“You would have met with one of the two candidates, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

Stephen hesitated before Martin fumed: “You’re being political now. They could have done this sooner, couldn’t they?”

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“We have waited a long time,” Stephen hit back before saying: “It isn’t too late.

“There are lots of things the government can do in the next 12 weeks that will make this so much easier…there will definitely be steps that will lighten the load.”

However, things got heated when Martin grilled Stephen even more.

“A lot of people say, ‘Why are you sitting there talking like this when you’re a fat cat making the profits, ripping people off?'” Martin remarked.

Stephen explained there were a lot of people making money in energy at the moment as he told the host: “There are a lot of companies making extraordinary large profits.”

“Not necessarily by doing anything wrong but they are making a lot of money.

“I set up a retail energy business 13 years ago, only in retail, we only work on behalf of customers.

“We have no invested interests, except for what is good for customers.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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