Martin Hancock believes ‘it’s not the end’ for Spider and Toyah despite soap exit

Coronation Street actor Martin Hancock believes it's not the end for Spider and Toyah – despite his exit.

Spider's last appearance on the Cobbles aired tonight following his year-long return.

His return has seen him involved in some of the biggest storylines on the street. Those storylines include the huge extremism grooming gang that Spider helped bring down.

He has also reunited with his old flame Toyah, and the couple are now engaged. But as Spider leaves Toyah behind, he believes that it is not the end for the two lovers.

Speaking to OK! about Spider and Toyah, Martin said: "I don't think it's the end, I don't think it's the end of the story. I think, these two always have a bit of love there."

He also revealed what he feels went wrong for the loved-up duo this time around.

The 54 year old said: "You know, what's been happening previously in Spider's life and what's been happening previously in Toya's life, have conspired to do them down at the end. It's sad. They're both very committed people.

"But, for now, it's just, it's not workable."

Viewers will see on-screen just how gutted and heartbroken Toyah is, but for Spider the breakup will be just as sad. Martin has opened up about how Spider will feel saying: "Spider loves Toya. And so he's bound to feel sad, but they're both going to feel sad, you know, but, there's something between those two.

"It's a 25-year relationship, of course, they're going to feel gutted that they couldn't make it work this time."

Martin also feels like there is "unfinished business" for Spider following his departure.

The legendary actor said: "I would like to think he's leaving with unfinished business.

"From chatting with people, I think perhaps, maybe, not immediately, but I think there is some unfinished business, definitely."

This is the fourth time that Spider has left the cobbles, and Martin has not ruled out returning for a fifth time in the future. When he was asked if he would return, he took absolutely no time to say yes.

Martin told us: "Yeah, of course you know I've said it the first time round, the second time round and the third time round, and this is the fourth time round. Yeah, of course. I love the show."

He was then asked what he would like to see Spider do if he returned to the show. The prospect of a wedding between him and Toyah made Martin very happy.

He said: "I think it'd be nice, you know. Yeah, that'd be nice in the future."

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