‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Are Kate and Luke Heading to Divorce?

AceShowbiz -“Married at First Sight” season 8 returned for a new episode on Tuesday, March 5. The new episode gave more insights into the relationship of the four couples, though one of them was seemingly on the edge of divorcing.

“I hit a breaking point,” she told her husband. Later, she brought up divorce into discussion, saying, “I thought about the divorce option.”

It made Luke mad seeing Kate said that with “extreme absolutes.” He told her, “Do you think I’m not getting attached at all? I’m really shocked right now. I knew things weren’t great between us, but I didn’t know they were this bad.” He refused the idea, but Kate appeared to remain skeptical.

“I feel like any sort of, like, feelings that I may have developed towards him were thoughts about him being what I wanted in a husband (and) were due to manipulation and not reality,” she said. “It’s, like, a dangerous game that is happening.”

As for Kristine and Keith, they had an argument about kids. Keith revealed that he wanted to have kids as soon as possible. However, Kristine still wanted to further her career and thought it might be better to wait for him to finish his medical school before having kids.

“I don’t want to be the old man playing with his kids at the park,” Keith disagreed. “Seriously, do I have any say in this marriage?”

Kristine attempted to explain her side, though Keith remained unhappy with how things were going. “My goals are very important to me and I plan to be the queen of real estate at some point,” Kristine said. “Right now, I feel like his priorities are way off.”

Jasmine, meanwhile, was not happy with Will’s plan to pursue his dream of coaching basketball. She thought it wouldn’t generate a lot of money. “I don’t really want to follow money. I wanted more of a partnership than a marriage,” Will said.

“Between me and my wife, clear and effective communication is the one thing lacking,” he continued saying. “If the man paying for everything is what she wants, then it’s not going to be me.”

Will was not the only one who thought that their marriage was off. “If this marriage ends in divorce, it could’ve been all for nothing and that is a hard pill to swallow,” Jasmine shared.

The last couple was still dealing with AJ’s short temper. When Stephanie and AJ watched some footage of him flipping out over small things, the latter put the blame on the production.

“The level of additional added mess that they add to this situation … it’s just extremely unnatural,” AJ said, adding, “It doesn’t leak into the marriage at all.” He also said that he wanted to restructure and redesign the entire show.

As for Stephanie, she opened up to AJ that him being easily angry made her uncomfortable. Her husband then agreed to try to fix his short temper for her. “AJ and I were matched for so many reasons,” Stephanie said. “It’s almost perfect because we’re so happy but we know there’s always room for improvement.”

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