Married At First Sight Australia's Ines terrified of backlash in Britain as she becomes most hated bride ever

MARRIED At First Sight Australia’s controversial bride Ines Basic fears a furious reception in the UK – as her series of the show starts airing on E4.

The reality TV star, 30, has been slammed by British viewers due to her treatment of husband Bronson Norrish and claims she has been receiving death threats over Instagram. 

Ines tells The Sun Online: "I’ve always wanted to go to England but I don’t know if I ever will now as I might get f***ing stabbed.

"I want everyone to know I’m a really nice girl, at the time I was just close-minded and it was all filmed two years ago. I couldn’t even be that person again if I tried."

Married At First Sight Australia viewers originally turned against Ines after she berated former stripper Bronson over his eyebrow ring, as she first met him down the aisle. 

Though she maintains she wasn't impressed by her husband-to-be's unexpected piercing.

She candidly shared: "Of all the people in the world to put me with, I thought it was an insult. The eyebrow ring f***ing sent me – I was real angry about [it]. Do they think I’m a piece of s**t or something, is this what I deserve [in] life?

"I just couldn’t be nice to him because I took it so personally. I went in there really determined to be placed with the man of my dreams – not that.

"There’s a time for everything, and I don’t think an eyebrow ring is for a wedding. It’s a unique thing, you just don’t see many."

Instead, Ines wishes she had been matched with a "hot British guy" – preferably Olivia Wilde's new love interest, Watermelon Sugar singer Harry Styles.

She shared: "F***, I’d rather have been matched with a hot British guy with an accent.

"Harry Styles is my dream. I’d used to sit there watching hours of his interviews on YouTube because I was so obsessed with him.

"I once went on a date with a British guy, and he said his family member designed the wedding dress for one of the princesses and is acquainted with the Royal Family.

"I don’t know if he made that up though but he then told me I was mental."

Ines added that she hopes The Queen – and the Beckhams – are watching the sixth series on E4.

She said: "I love the idea of the Queen sitting down [watching MAFS] in the palace – or the Beckhams. I’d love to be in Victoria’s friend group. I promise I’m nice."

Now, Ines is bracing herself for more backlash from the UK, as viewers will see her get involved in an affair as the series continues.

"It wasn’t the best side of me," she explains. "But it was all filmed two years ago. It was also basically scripted and [the editing] was manipulated. If people see my Instagram Stories they’ll get to know the real me."

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