Major Corrie theory reveals the shocking culprit behind Rana's death?

Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) would do anything protect Carla Connor (Alison King), the woman he loves in Coronation Street. But a new theory on who killed Rana Habeeb in the factory collapse has revealed that he could be the culprit! Did Peter bring down the roof in a bid to assist Carla, who was having financial difficulties with the factory? Fans aren’t ruling it out!

Granted, a flaw is that Peter was on his way out of the street before it happened and wanted a life away from Carla as they just bring each other pain. But could he have sabotaged the roof so she could claim insurance, obviously without knowing that it would lead to death?

Peter is the only one who outright stands by Carla and who will fight to save her as she goes missing and gets lost in her developing psychosis. While this could well just be because he loves her, could he also be so sure she is innocent because he knows it was him who did it?

And will his guilt over landing Carla in this situation and state of mind eventually lead to him confessing to her that he was involved?

The saboteur is someone who was said to have good intentions but who would also emerge as a villain for the show – not a killer a la Pat Phelan but more of a Mike Baldwin kind of type.

Peter HAS shown a ruthless side on many an occasion – his revenge on Billy Mayhew and his war with Nick Tilsley being prime examples. And he has often found himself on suspect lists such as when Tina McIntyre was killed.

This is all theorising at the moment but could Peter be emerging as the shock favourite? With viewers arguing that it would be too obvious to be Nick or Robert who are acting shiftier than an assembly at spy school, could they be onto something?

If Carla could forgive anyone for this, then it would be Peter. Kate on the other hand…

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