Major change to BBC programming this year – but there'll be no cut in the licence fee | The Sun

THE BBC will broadcast 1,000 fewer hours of new TV programmes this year – but there will be no cut in the licence fee.

About half of the 1,000-hour cut will come from sport, with no Commonwealth Games or men’s football World Cup, as there was in 2022.

The other 500 hours will come from different areas including BBC Four, which the corporation announced a year ago would become “the home of both the BBC’s rich archive and arts & music performances”.

In this year’s plan, the BBC said its strategy would include focusing on “more unique, high-impact content”. 

The Corporation must find £400million in yearly savings by 2027/28, according to its annual plan published yesterday.

It said the current £159 TV licence price freeze “continues to place significant financial challenges on the BBC at a time of high inflation and media super-inflation”.

The corporation said it was currently “spending more on, and commissioning more hours of, UK-originated TV content than any other organisation”.

It made 12,500 “originated hours” in 2022.

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