MAFS viewers slam dinner party ‘carnage’ as they say Bianca ‘deserves better’

As the fourth dinner party of the series kicked off in Married at First Sight, there was more drama then anyone could have predicted as tensions flared and tempers were at breaking point, following the news that Ella Morgan was attracted to JJ Slater and had been flirting with him without communicating this with either of their partners.

Things initially got off to a frosty start on Thursday's episode, 19 October, when Ella and her partner Nathanial Valentino arrived separately, as did JJ and his partner Bianca Petronzi – clearly indicating there was trouble brewing for both couples.

However things truly kicked off as the couples sat down for dinner, when Nathanial grew increasingly annoyed at Ella’s flirtatious behaviour in front of the other couples – before he publicly confronted her about her behaviour.

In the tense scenes that followed, both Ella and JJ admitted that there was a ‘connection’ between the pair, something that blindsided Bianca who up until now had been oblivious to the entire situation.

It was this ‘disrespect’ that launched Nathaniel into an expletive laden tirade as he branded Ella a “liar” for her unacceptable and selfish behaviour, especially as other people were involved.

As the tensions continued to escalate, all four participants in the experiment soon left the dinner table to cool off, but not before fans could weigh in on the brutal situation that had just been so publicly and messily unpacked.

However, things had far from cooled when the couples returned as Ella and JJ were revealed to have been texting each other, much to Bianca’s horror.

In a tense confrontation, Ella tried to apologise to the jilted bride as she began: “I’m a girl’s girl…”

Before Bianca brutally interjected: “You’re not really a girl’s girl, if you go for another girl’s man.”

She then highlighted how upset and hurt she was to be the last to know, especially when JJ described her as a “try” rather than a relationship prospect.

Dubbed ‘carnage’ by one fan, many viewers at home couldn’t believe how thoughtless Ella and JJ had been to discuss the subject without first telling Bianca what was going on.

“Actual dinner party carnage,” wrote one baffled fan. “How could they do that?!”

A second fan then added: “You can tell biancas made such an effort tonight as well. I'm so angry that she's been so utterly humiliated. She's not a mug and shouldn't be made out to be one. I wish every happiness for her."

Before a third fan commented: “She deserved so much better. MAFS you have failed her miserably."

Despite the severity of the situation, several fans couldn’t help but cheer for Bianca as she called out Ella and JJ for their behaviour in her own expletive and tearful rant that dubbed them both liars.

One fan commented: “Loving Bianca, go girl, thats exactly what they needed, Ella does smirk. She thinks shes better than everyone.”

A second viewer agreed adding: “Yes Bianca. Tell them straight. You deserve better.”

Before a third fan commented: “JJ has been punching so bad with Bianca, she deserves SO much better, I really hope she finds a nice man after this experiment because this must have taken a knock on her confidence and she’s actually such a nice girl.”

Married at First Sight continues Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4 and 4OD

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