Love Island’s Olivia Bowen says ‘nothing last forever’ as she addresses bedtime chaos

Reality TV star Olivia Bowen, who met her husband Alex on Love Island, has issued an emotional update on parenting and said "nothing lasts forever."

The 29 year old told fans on Instagram that she's noticed son Abel, 1, has reached his next milestone as he didn't want a cuddle before bed and that she's glad she 'soaked up every bed time before then."

Olivia said: "Amongst the chaos, we have a little boy who has been sleeping so well. But the maddest thing is Abel now likes to lay in his bed to go to sleep, with you just sitting at the end of the bed. I never introduced this, he's just decided it's now how he likes to go to sleep.

"He has his bottle, gets off my lap & walks over to his bed, gets in and gets snug. Sometimes he likes a little hair stroke or bum tap but I tried to lay in his pillow & he didn't want me to.

"Just this moment has made me so solid in my choice to always give him as many cuddles kisses & rocks to sleep as he needed," Olivia continued.

"I know it's not for everyone, we all have different ways & that's great. For me, knowing I was able to soak up every single bedtime cuddle made all the back ache & hard nights worth it. He did it in his own time. Hold out Mums you're doing great. The best & worst thing is that Nothing lasts forever."

This comes after Olivia exclusively revealed to OK! that she'd like another baby with Alex – who she married in 2018 – as the star would like to have her kids close in age.

After welcoming Abel in July last year, Olivia said: "We are considering having another baby, possibly next year, we have been talking about it quite a lot."

However, the star has also been open in the past about going through a traumatic birth with her first born.

Olivia endured a tough 30-hour labour with Abel, who had to be delivered via forceps and wasn't breathing when he first arrived.

But that doesn't appear to have deterred the star, she continued: "Who knows, but, we are definitely thinking about it next year. I had a three-year age gap with me and my brother, and that was a lovely age gap so I’d like mine close together. But we will see."

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