Love Island fans beg for more screen time for Ikenna after he was ‘missing’

Love Island fans took to social media to complain about the lack of air time contestant Ikenna Ekwonna received during last night's episode.

The storylines centred around Gemma and Davide's date, alongside drama involving Andrew, Tasha and Luca, with Ikenna barely featuring in the episode at all.

One Twitter user wrote: "Ikenna getting like 30 secs of screentime while forcing the italian guy down our throat is a hate crime".

Another commented: "First screen time Ikenna and Indiyah get since episode one and its her asking his favourite colour??????? disappointing".

A third simply said: "Can ikenna get more screen time I actually like him".

Some viewers pointed out that most of the episode ran before Ikenna was featured, with one person complaining: "Rah I forgot Ikenna was even on the show, 54 mins in to get some screen time".

A second queried: "Is ikenna even still on this show (skull emoji) 0 screen time!" While a third added: "Give ikenna more screen time he’s fit".

Ikenna is currently coupled up with Indiyah Pollack, yet it's been far from plain sailing for the pair after they were voted together by the public.

Indiyah confessed that she felt "awkward tension" between them and has begun to question their connection.

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The couple snuck off for a heart-to-heart chat where Indiyah explained she was finding it difficult to get to know Ikenna better.

Ikenna said: “I am attracted to you. I just don’t feel like I need to force convos. I don’t want to be too pushy. I want to give you time.”

He continued: "I wouldn’t be speaking to you if I didn’t think there could be something there. I also don’t want you to feel that you can’t speak to other people.”

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