Love Island 2023 Will Young dealth crushing blow

Love Island contestants take part in first recoupling

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The Islander’s relationships were put to the test on Friday night with the first dumping from the villa. Will Young was saved by Lana, however, the latest betting odds have revealed that he is at risk at the next dumping after she made their coupling purely platonic.

Since entering the villa, Will hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to coupling up with girls and being put in the friend zone.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes have revealed that Will’s odds of being dumped from the island stand at 6/1 if he doesn’t get out of the friend zone.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Punters think Will Young better leave right now, but with more bombshells incoming and a potential Aussie romance on the cards, we think he’s probably just about safe for now.”

He added: “He might not have found the one yet, but he’s fast becoming this year’s Dr Alex, is clearly loved by his fellow islanders and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them keep him in the villa for the foreseeable.”

On Friday night, Tanyel decided to recouple with Ron who had been happily coupled up with Lana and seemed to be growing a strong connection.

Will decided to pull her to the side for a chat to make sure she was feeling ok, as she exclaimed: “I can’t lie that was really tough.”

Will laughed and exclaimed: “I am absolutely buzzing I can’t lie, give me a cuddle. I just wanted to come and say thank you.

“I didn’t feel like my time was up sort of thing, such a difficult situation. How do you feel about like, with Tanyel and Ron in that situation.”

Lana admitted: “So I just spoke to Tanyel then, and basically there is something there. I think they have got something, but I honestly don’t know what it is.

“I need to speak to Ron as well and just see what he is saying but I know they are flirty and stuff so.”

Bringing the conversation back to how he was feeling, Will teased: “I am chuffed, it couldn’t have worked out better for me do you know what I mean.”

In the beach hut, Lana admitted: “Being in a couple with Will is interesting because I know he has been pursuing it but we don’t have that connection that I am looking for.

“I am going to make it very know to Will what I exactly wanted out of this situation.”

The next day, two bombshells walked into the villa, with Jessie catching the eyes of all the boys in the villa.

Taking him to one side, Lana exclaimed: “I feel like we should come up with before the night starts, I feel like we should come up with a game plan for the new girl.

“Do you know what I mean? Obviously, if you are interested in her. She seems lovely, I mean genuinely you could be a vibe together and I can wing woman that, let’s role play.”

Will joked: “Wow, meow pussycat,” before the pair went on to practice what Will should say when pulling Jessie to one side.

He stated: “I’d say look darling, I’d tell her my values and then I’d be like what are your values,” to which Lana agreed and added: “I just think be calm.”

Continuing with his plan, he said: “I was going to take her to the terrace, to one side and have a chat with her, I don’t want to be too intense.”

Lana revealed: “I don’t you are intense when you have a normal conversation with me, I think you are good vibes! Talk to her like you are talking to me now because it is good, it’s nice.”

Making a joke out of their situation and trying it on with Lana, Will exclaimed: “Is it good? Is it Sexy? Is it… what are you saying then?…”

Love Island airs every night from 9pm on ITV2.

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