Louis Theroux has fans swooning as he shows off his muscles on Lorraine show

LOUISE Theroux were left picking their jaws up off the floor as he showed off his muscles on Lorraine.

The documentary filmmaker appeared on the morning show to discuss reaching the epic milestone of 25 years in the business.

While chatting to Lorraine Kelly, Louis, 50, credited fitness instructor Joe Wicks for helping him get into shape during the lockdown.

He said: "I've been doing a lot of Joe Wicks in lockdown", and flexed his muscles in front of a very impressed Lorraine.

The journalist modestly added: "It's not about muscles it's about mental health and muscles are a bi-product as well."

Fans took to social media and swooned over Louis' huge biceps.

One fan said: "@louistheroux just flexed his muscles on @reallorraine tv show and I have choked on my morning cuppa!!!"

Another viewed wrote: "Louis Theroux is RIPPED #itvlorraine #lorraine."

A third follower added: "Had to pause and rewind and share this @louistheroux Mr Universe moment."

After seeing his muscles, a fourth user confessed: "My weird crush on this man is now out of control."

Louis set to release a brand new series of his "greatest hits" over the years.

He believes his "nerdiness and awkwardness" were key in helping those in his documentaries relax and while it wasn't intentional, he is grateful to posses that quality.

"I wish I could claim that my geekiness was a quality I had to work on, it seemed to come quite naturally to me, at the beginning I didn't realise that it could be an asset," explained Louis.

"I thought it was my job to be a presentable normal journalist, and it was only through working, it took quite a few years to realise that me being a bit of a nerd could be an asset, that it could sometimes disarm people… I plead guilty to still being a bit of a nerd."


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