Lorraine Kelly details how she was ‘made to feel worse’ after tragic miscarriage

Myleene Klass and Lorraine Kelly open up about miscarriage

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Lorraine Kelly and Myleene Klass shared their experiences of miscarriage with ITV viewers on Wednesday morning. The pair opened up on the ITV daytime show about their heartbreaking ordeals and why miscarriage should be spoken about more openly. During the chat, Lorraine detailed how peoples attempts to reassure her at the time of her miscarriage didn’t work.

Myleene was on the programme to talk about her new documentary Myleene Klass: Miscarriage & Me, which is due to air on W on Thursday night.

During her appearance on Lorraine, Myleene shared a clip from the upcoming documentary.

After watching the documentary clip, Lorraine praised Myleene for being so open and honest about her experience: “You articulate it so well.”

The ITV presenter went on to open up about her own personal experience of miscarriage.

Lorraine said: “Don’t you think, you sort of examine yourself and you say, ‘Is there anything that I could have done? Why did this happen to me?’

“I remember at the time, gosh it was over 20 years ago now when it happened to me, I think that people were trying to reassure me.

“They were saying, ‘Oh, this is very common and this happens to one in three women’,” she explained.

“This happened to you?” Myleene asked.

Lorraine swiftly replied: “Yes, it did and it was like ‘This happens’. Actually, I think they were trying to make me feel better and it made me feel worse.

“Because with you, you know, what you were saying, I could relate to that absolutely.

“What you were saying was the thing of ‘This makes me feel this shouldn’t be happening to so many women, this is not good’.

“People don’t talk about it enough,” the presenter commented.

Myleene agreed: “I think it’s such an uncomfortable subject and as women we’re used to making people feel more comfortable, ‘It’s okay, I’m fine.’

“And we say those things, but what we actually want to say is, ‘I’m not fine and it’s not okay’, because the subject is so sad – it’s dead babies. There’s nowhere to go,” the singer added.

Lorraine commented: “It’s that ripple effect, the families. Siblings, would be grandparents, it’s hard.

“And we have to talk about it and there has to be more research into what’s going on,” she concluded.

Lorraine has previously spoken out about her miscarriage sharing her thoughts on Twitter.

After First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon spoke about miscarriages on Twitter, Lorraine wrote: “Affects far too many of us @nicolasturgeon and you are so right. It never leaves you xx”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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