Loaded in Paradise stars say scenes were cut over explosive feud and rule change

Loaded in Paradise stars Karra and Jasmine have revealed that scenes were cut over explosive feud and rule change in the hit ITVX series.

The competitive sun-soaked reality series, which dropped onto ITVX at the end of 2022, has had the nation gripped.

Six pairs are tasked with racing around Greece to take control of a Gold Card loaded with €50,000, with only just one pair being allowed to use it at a time.

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The pair who manage to nab the card can spend it on whatever they want, with the card topped up every day for their use.

But if they get caught by another pair? Back to the grim hostel they go.

Sisters Jasmine, 26, and Karra, 28, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Daily Star, ahead of the show launching on ITV2 in the spring.

Revealing some backstage secrets, Jasmine and Karra exclusively revealed – and confirmed – why a scene at the end of episode two had been cut out.

At the end of the second episode, contestants Millie and Amelia were in the possession of the Gold Card.

After tracking them down and figuring out where they were, Karra and Jasmine rumbled their location and hid while they waited for them.

But when the caught them, the scenes weren't aired.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot how other pairs' "gotcha moments" were aired apart from this one.

Speaking to Daily Star, Jasmine said: "There was some confusion at the time, but we got the card fair and square. We were there at the helipad first."

She went on: "But there was a bit of drama on that day, a lot of drama and that probably explains that hostility when we all first met in the villa."

Karra then revealed how there were "some issues with the game itself", adding: "The fact that the rules weren't [sic] it was the first time it happened on the show.

"Basically, we ran out to catch them [Millie and Amelia] but the game got stopped at that moment.

"There was not always communication within the producing team, where they said 'we told them that they could get to the helicopter pad and they're safe.

"However, we were not told that we had, they had to get to the helicopter pads to be safe and we weren't told we weren't allowed on the helicopter pad or we were allowed," she went on.

Karra continued: "There wasn't a clear guidance and rule at that section," before explaining how everyone was "in tears".

"They obviously couldn't show all that commotion, but when we walked up to the helicopter pad Millie and Amelia were walking back down, and that's were I got the negative tension between us, because it wasn't any of our fault," later adding: "It was just the rulebook."

Loaded in Paradise is available to stream now on ITVX.


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